[ IN WRITING] - Edouard Levé


The question of representation is inherent to living arts. It is appoached in various ways according to writers, composers, directors, choreographers, actors, or dancers. This question is fully developed around Self-portrait and Suicide by Edouard Levé. These two texts vividly echo the images that can be acquired by magnetic resonance. Already brought up in the first part of Art and Science: Self-portrait, Edouard Levé's self-portrait is built by subsequent touches and impressions that occur at each new screen and each new projection. Edouard Levé's writing, like MRI projections, does not provide a fully comprehensible and coherent being. They exhibit, like MRI, a bare, exposed, complex human being. Self-portrait, at the first-person, and Suicide, at the second-person, represent a very close view, a very close understanding, without any prism, any smoothing, of a human being. Édouard Levé was born on nineteen sixty-five, January the first. He died on two thousand seven, October the fifteenth.


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