[ SOUND LANDSCAPES] - Michel Bertier


The start of an MRI acquisition is followed by a sound burst, which is modulated by the sequencing of the imaging gradients. The human being breathes, moves, articulates some words, and emits sounds. The human being lives. The heart still beats. Through the intervention of sound beams (www.holosonics.com), direct and local sound sources, Michel Bertier produces illusions by evocation and not description to let the construction along Art and Science: Self-portrait of a human being's sound landscape.

Since 1985, Michel Bertier composes music and sound settings for theatre, dance, radio, and television. He noticeably worked with Michel Dydim, Susana Lastreto, Antonio Arena, Alain Mollot, Jean-Pierre Chabrol, Maguy Marin, Julie Dourdy and the television channel Canal+. He conducts La Fanfare Electronique, a sound brigade and won the 2008 Orange price for his sound and visual environment of refurbished cellular phones Allo.2! He also leads the workshop on electronic music at the University of Evry Val d'Essonne.


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Art and Science: Self-portrait - 2011 - des Vues de l'esprit