[ IN LIGHTING] - Jérôme Allart


The daylight makes its way to the living room along the Venetian blinds of a video. Outside and inside, natural light enters as a trompe-l'oeil. Theatre light projectors, videos and MRI movies, artificial light plays with us. It creates a place, a time, it makes a being appear and disappear. It makes the space in front of the string screens appear and there seems to be nothing behind. It makes the space behind the screens exist and the string screens are not there anymore. In between, there is a spectator, a visitor, an MRI cylinder, a living room, all the space that one wants to imagine. Jérôme Allart was first involved in photography, documentaries as well as takes. After lighting in the cinema, he has designed lightings for living arts for the last ten years, with, among others, Philippe Ferrant, Guillaume Junot, Tiina Kaartama, David Noir, and Philippe Vallepin. Visual composition and light as a true dynamic element in performances are keystones of his work.


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Art and Science: Self-portrait - 2011 - des Vues de l'esprit