Neta Landeau


In a living room, lying on a sofa, sitting in an armchair, projected onto screens, along multiple strings, she is he. Sparse fragments. Body covered. Assembled fragments. She is she. She is connected to the unspeakable, to the first-person. She is committed to immanence, to the self-portrait. Neta Landau studied at the 19e arrondissement Conservatoire in Paris, then at ESAD (École Supérieure d'Art Dramatique de la Ville de Paris). She has played at the Rond-Point Theatre in Date beyond which... by Murielle Magellan directed by Quentin Defalt, Vania (the revolt) adapted and directed by Denis Moreau at MC93 in Bobigny, The Rise by Georges Perec directed by Julien Feder at the Opprimé Theatre. She has also performed several radio fictions for France Culture with Jean Couturier. In 2008, she played at Théâtre Ouvert in Hand in hand by Sofia Freden directed by Edouard Signolet.


Bruno Freyssinet


He knew someone pretty well. He knew her or him – maybe like we would have liked to know ourselves – at the second-person. Trained at the National Theatre School Ensatt and at the National School of Cinema Fémis (Script workshop), Bruno Freyssinet plays here Suicide. He has worked, among others, with Gildas Milin (The first one and the last one, TGP), Philippe Rousseau (Pier Paolo Pasolini's life and death by Michel Azama, TNBA), Vincent Dussart (The Dispute by Marivaux, LMP)… As artistic director of La Transplanisphère (www.latransplanisphere.com), he has also directed several plays. His third show When the hand let go, by Bernard Souviraa, was produced with Arcadi and the Centre d'Art et d'Essai in Mont Saint-Aignan. In 2010, he co-directed with William Nadylam Stuff happens by David Hare at the Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre. In 2011, he develops the concept of World crisis theater, an artistic and civil project about the financial crisis. He also leads rec>ON, a European artistic and civil project on people reconciliation in collaboration with artists, young people and representatives of Germany, Armenia, Turkey, and France.


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